January 27, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

Another bad weather day....I know what you are thinking....you're jealous. Well, DON'T be! You won't be jealous of me come June when some of you are out for summer and I am still in school. Think about it...you'll be out for summer vacation...wearing your shorts, getting a tan, not thinking about school. Here I am STUCK inside my house, we have about a half an inch of ice on the ground, we can't leave, it's freezing, and the sleet is just coming down like cats and dogs right now. (If you were a student in my class, you would then proceed to tell me that my last sentence was in fact, an idiom.) So...like I said, don't be jealous...be thankful that summer is only 145 days away.
So clearly I have some free time on my hands and I need to post pictures from this past weekend. We were in Daingerfield for Preston and Ashley's showers. Ashley had a "girl" shower on Saturday day, and Preston had his "Honey-Do" couple shower on Saturday night. Everything was beautiful. I love going to all the Daingerfield showers because it just reminds me even more how lucky I am. I married into the most wonderful family and anytime I am in Daingerfield someone reminds me of this and I feel so completely blessed. It was a great weekend....I think I had it better off than the bride and groom to be! I got to eat great food, mingle with amazing people, see some pretty cool gifts, but THANK GOODNESS I am not the one writing ALL those thank you cards! I remember that time in my life....and Yes, I WAS THANKFUL, but I am going to be honest and say that I am glad that isn't me right now! Although, I would probably get them all done today and tomorrow, seeing as though we don't have school.

Ashley's gifts set out on display
Some more of Ashley's gifts set out on displayAshley with her hostesses at the afternoon showerPreston and Ashley at their "Honey-Do" shower...hence the honeydew melonAshley helping P-Bass open some of his giftsOh yes! I had the best job!! I got to write everything down! I was in heaven!!
Tucker wanted to help I think at this point, I was asking "who gave you this really cool present?"
How fun!! Sue and Matt came up for the event!
2 weekends in a row?!? I was spoiled!
Tucker loves his sisters!
Me with the Bride to Be...and my future sis!
This picture brings back great memories
2 of the most important and handsome men in my life!! I've got the best
husband and father!!
My main man
The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Preston Bass
All of the Bass'....excuse the red eye remover on Walt's eye.
I think it went a little crazy and made his eye TOO dark
The girls!!
Walt, Pookie (Cousin Andrew) and McKamy
The Groom and his Best Man
Now, the next pictures are the pictures that I took this morning.... anybody up for a little ice skating? I don't think you really need ice skates, just grab some shoes and I am sure that you can go for a little spin around my neighborhood. This isn't snow...this is ice. I've calculated it... in the past 2 and a half years that I have been working in Oklahoma, I have been out of school 17 times for bad weather....SEVENTEEN! Who would have ever thought 4 hours North of Dallas there would be such drastic weather...Not ME!


Joe & Jenn said...

we have ice too and are off school! do you guys have any built in snow days? So funny that after you move there they have all of these snow days. It seems like my cousins rarely had snow days in Oklahoma when we were little. Hopefully Walt doesn't give you another excuse to get a new mailbox. :)

Yelda said...

the snow is sooo pretty! I love it!

kinsey said...

when i first saw your facebook status i was a tad jealous, but you're right, i immediately thought of making up those days and i quickly was glad we had school! sorry you are stuck. but love that it let you post in the middle of the day. i get bored during my planning period ;-)