February 20, 2009

Extremely Blessed & Thankful

I always knew that my calling in life was to become a teacher. I am surrounded by children everyday and I am always challenged....this past week I had "very minor" surgery done and was home from school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Thursday my mother got a knock at my front door... it was the Owasso florist... with a bouquet of flowers sent from my "4th grade moms." How precious is that? How lucky am I to have such supportive, caring parents? I am extremely blessed and thankful. I love each and every one of you and your children mean more to me than anything.


Jenny said...

I stubbled onto your blog a while back. I've enjoyed it quite a bit. (I also can't remember if I've ever commented before, so if I have please disregard the intro!)

As someone who also has always wanted to be a teacher, treats such this are always a wonderful way to know that you are making a difference! What beautiful flowers!

Jenny said...

That should have been stumbled...sorry about that!