February 3, 2009

It's Spring Inside My House

For Christmas I was given a bulb kit from my baby brother, Tucker. Now....just a little background information on me.....I can't keep anything alive. By anything of course I mean, plants. Not to worry, Miss Gracie is going on 3 years now...I've done a great job of remembering to feed her everyday. She ain't gonna starve! I just always seem to "forget" that I have plants that I need to water. Walt has called me numerous times while he has been away to remind me to water the plants or to turn the sprinklers on. I'm horrible at it. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to have a green thumb...maybe it's that whole green thing from the previous post...I don't know, but I try really hard and I am just not successful. So....when I opened up my present from my sweet 5th grade brother I held in a lot of emotions. I was thinking: What do I do? I have to plant this gift. I can't let these 3 bulbs DIE! If I let these 3 bulbs DIE it is almost like I am ungrateful of the gift that I have been given. At this point in the unwrapping process I started to get all sweaty and I was thinking: put a smile on your face.... let him know you are so grateful for the gift. Tell mom thank you ....cause you know she is the one that purchased this. Oh dear... do they know my secret? Do they know that I can't plant worth a flip and they are testing me?? So, I knew what I had to do... I HAD to be successful with this new project in front of me. I came home and I remember I read the instructions frantically because I did not want to mess up. For two weeks the bulbs had to stay in a dark, cool place. I placed them in the 3rd bedroom closet. I am not joking when I say that I wrote on my planner to "check plants" every day for 2 weeks. Let's be honest...there were a couple of days when I forgot and I was in a complete panic when I went to check on them, but they survived. Finally, two weeks passed and I brought my 3 bulbs out into the light... I really was going to break out into the "Halleljuah Chorus" when I realized that I was not a failure. So, I placed my sweet flowers by the kitchen window and let nature take it's course. Of course, I remembered to water them everyday. I can't even being to tell you the satisifaction, joy, pride, and accomplishment that I felt when my flowers started budding. It was such a fun surprise for me to wake up every morning and see what my flowers had done overnight! So, for now... I have beautiful flowers looking at me in the morning, when I get home from school and before I go to bed. I know that the wind chill tonight is 9 degrees, but inside my house it's nice and warm and looking at my flowers reminds me that it will be spring soon....and it reminds me that my sweet brother (and mother)must have known I could grow those flowers... he (and mom) had more faith in me than I did.

Look at my flowers budding!!

Such beautiful petals!I did it!!
Believe me... I'm thinking the same thing you are...did I just post about flowers? Yes.. I sure did!
1 Corinthians 2:5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.


Ashleigh Wilson said...

You are so funny!! I love reading your blog, because it is totaly 100% what I remember about you, fun and sweet!! On a side note I also appreciate the green thumb bit, because I too lack that nack. But I have managed to keep my kiddos going so that is enough for me right now.


Mc Allen said...

what a wonderful surprise huh, God knows JUST what we need!! ♥