May 13, 2009

Dear 4th Grader,

7 days until school is out....SEVEN DAYS! My kids have been writing letters to the new fourth graders coming up. In their letter they have to include some "pointers" to help the "new" 4th graders stay on Mrs. Bass' good are some humorous tips:

1. If you have a crayon, a snack or anything else... DON'T leave it on the ground. Mrs. Bass will tell you she is not your maid and you should pick it up.
2. Don't feel too comfortable in her class.
3. Mrs. Bass grew up in Texas, so she has a Texas will get used to it, but DON'T criticize her over her accent.
4. When she is talking do not talk, and when she is talking do NOT sharpen your pencil, she will give you "the look" and you probably know what that means....STOP!
5. If Mr. Griffin comes in the room, pretend like you aren't paying attention to him...ALWAYS pay attention to Mrs. Bass
6. You can get warm fuzzies if you do something good or clean the room after school, but don't ask or she won't GIVE YOU ANY!
7. Her spelling tests are HARD! Remember to study...if you thought your words last year were hard...think again!
8. Always be on your best behavior when a sub is me, I know.
9. She has only one rule... RESPECT. If you show her respect, she will do the same for you.

I have numerous other tips that they wrote, but I had to share those! Don't worry they all said they would miss me and that they think I am a super fun teacher! :)


kinsey said...

only 7 days?!?! we have 3 more weeks!! at least 2 of the weeks are only 4 days, but still. that means we have 15 more days. BOOOOO.

loved their words of advice. sounds like a few could be my students...i HATE the pencil sharpener! ha.

Ricardo and Lauren said...

too cute!!

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

LOVE that someone is on our side too! :) And yeah for summer!