May 17, 2009

Gracie's Gifts

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and I am always so overwhelmed with the generosity of gifts that I receive. Each day of the week we have themes and the kids are encouraged to bring their teacher something. It's always so fun to see what the kids bring. I had a student that worked really hard on his gift. His mom told me that he did it all by himself. He made me a "hanging frame" with 6 reasons as to why I am so great. They were as follows:

  1. kind heart
  2. so awesome
  3. super encouraging
  4. favorite teacher
  5. very nice
  6. really cool

For a boy to make something like meant a lot. I took a picture so that I could post it on my blog:

His momma swears that it was ALL his idea, and he did everything! I can actually believe her, because he is a very artistic and creative 4th grader. This same child also felt like it was in his best interest to get something for Gracie. How sweet is that? He brought in a gift for her one day.....
She definitely is the "Royal Dog" of our household. If only I could get Gracie to love wearing shirts!
I also had another student of mine think that Gracie needed a shirt during Teacher Appreciation week. Oddly enough, both boys brought her a shirt on the same day. Don't worry, already asked dad if I could take his picture and put it on my's the one taking the picture! He was SOOOOO proud of his shirt that he got for Gracie. He knows she is a tomboy, so he told me this shirt was perfect!
Isn't he the cutest thing ever?!?!?!

Gracie sporting her new shirt. Oh goodness...she is in need of a haircut SO BADLY!
So, of course I took her to get one! It is always so surprising to me when Gracie gets a haircut. I never know what she is going to look like when I go to pick her up! She is beautiful though!
They would put a pink bow in her hair.
Back to Teacher Appreciation Week. During T.A. week it was one of my student's birthday. Her daddy was going to be out of town for her birthday and she was really upset about it. Her mother asked if Walt and I would go out to dinner with her for her birthday because this would make her happy. Of course we agreed! She even let me go with her to get manis and pedis! Don't worry...I got permission for these pics too! We even got matching toenail polish!

Stay tuned to blogs every day next week! EVERY DAY! And one blog will be extremely exciting with some very important news revealed!!


Anonymous said...

Your students are so precious! Hope you are doing well!

kinsey said...

gracie, come over and play! you are so cute i can't stand it.
love, murphy

Channa said...

How fun!! I wish J.R.'s school did this, it would make all the teachers happy. The most he has ever gotten was cookies.