August 24, 2009

Hill Country Get-Away

Since Walt and I still do not have a house to live in...(come on sept. 10th) we like to leave Katy every weekend to go and see family. This has actually worked out very well because we have been able to see everyone that we need to see. Once we get settled into our house then it will be time for family to visit US! This weekend Walt and I went down to see my brother and my sister in law. They live in Boerne, TX (pronounced Bernie) and what an adorable little town this is! They have the best food and the cutest little main street. Lauren is actually the pharmacist in the neighboring town, Bandera, and Spencer works in San Antonio....but man, do they live in the sweetest town. My mom and her boyfriend (yes, I said boyfriend) came down for the weekend also, so we had a great time. P.S. My mother and her boyfriend, Tim, are SUPER cute's the cutest thing I've seen in quite some time! We had a great dinner on Friday night and then on Saturday Spencer took us all around...we even went to Stonewall and went to a precious winery. I had such a great time getting away and spending time with family! I am very thankful that Walt and I are closer to everyone now!

The sweet main street on a busy Saturday morning

Gunslinger was the cute "cowboy" store we went into in Bandera.

See?!?! Aren't they precious?!?!

Spencer and Walt trying on the cowboy hats

Classic Walter. We stopped at an apple orchard (they had the BEST apple ice cream) and Walt just had to play!

The Becker Winery

Me and Spencer

My love (I'm looking sickly pale...haven't been out in the sun in a while)

Deep Brother Conversation

Cute little cabin where you could stay for the weekend.

Me and Lauren!!

Had to include ONE more picture of them!! This was before dinner on Saturday night!

On another is OFFICIAL! Walt and I live in "Texas" once again and we have the license to prove it! We went home to Daingerfield two weekends ago and Walt's daddy was beside himself when we put our license on our cars....he is super duper excited that we live in Texas!

And last but not least, I was finally able to upload some pics of the weekend that we went to Pat's beach house. I uploaded pics before, but they were from Poco's are some of the ones I took.

HAD to show this picture...this was Walt on the boat!! hahaha

Miss Poco on the boat as well....she looks so happy!

Pat, dancing to "Man in the Mirror"


Poco is going to kill me for this pic...but oh well...I think she looks adorable! The birthday girls!

Oh goodness how I love me some POCO!! miss you!

Coolest person EVER!! no, not me...Sarah!

School started today and let me tell you....I have the most adorable class! Of course I was nervous being at a new school, new state, new students...but my kiddos made it all worthwhile. They definitely reminded me why I became a teacher and I think these sweeties are on their way to stealing my heart! I'm talking "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am", "can I help you with that?" AND they received the silver rating at lunch...which is the highest rating you can receive and my class is the one that got it!! Woo Hoo!! I'm already starting to wonder what I am going to do without them when Baby Bass comes for 6 weeks! On the note of Baby Bass...for all of you "skinny" girls that didn't have a stomach going into their 2nd trimester....FORGET YOU! Oh my's like overnight, I can't fit into my the end of the day my stomach looks like I am around 7 months pregnant, I eat like 3 snacks a day and when I wake up in the morning...I STILL HAVE A POOCH! Oh well, what can I say?!?!?! Baby have definitely changed my body...and I'm only 14 weeks along....but please know that I love you anyways..FAT body and all!!


jess trent said...

So happy for you - praying for a great pregnancy for you :)

Heather Patterson said...

you are SO cute Meredith & I just love reading your blog! But trust me, you think your large but everyone else won't see that! :) And in the end, as you are already feeling this... it's WORTH it! :)

The Zipser Family said...

You look awesome, it just feels like a pooch, wait until the end you will feel like a house! I am praying for you daily! Love you

Poco said...

Do you love that dress?? ;)

Sue said...

Your mom and the BF are sooo cute...they look so happy!! P.S Matt says he is proud you are gaining some LB's and feeding Baby Bass...haha. (Which I cannot tell from your recent pics btw, you silly). Love and miss.