September 7, 2009

4 months!

* husband will not ever be a photographer...he does not have enough you will just have to deal with the pictures, because after about 6 of them, he got annoyed and said, "I give up."*
Happy Labor Day Everyone! Why do these three day weekends always go by so quickly and then the rest of the week just drags on?? This should be quite an exciting week for me and Walt. We close on our house Wednesday and we will move in, FINALLY, on Friday! Technically, Walt and I have been living out of suitcases since we left to go to London. We left to go to London on JUNE 8th! Oh goodness it is about time to see my furniture again and all of my decor. I think Friday is going to feel like Christmas to me! Hurry up and get here!
This weekend was great! We spent Friday night in downtown Houston where we went to the Angelika movie theater to see Inglorious Basterds with our friends Pat and Sara. The movie was extremely violent, but for a Tarentino movie it was actually pretty good. (I'm not a huge fan.) Saturday was spent doing what else?? WATCHING BAYLOR FOOTBALL! I must say that I am in LOVE with this quarterback:

That's right...I. Love. Baylor's own, Robert Griffin. Man...did it feel good to WIN a game, and against a team that is pretty legit. We went to a Baylor watch party at Sawyer's Bar in Houston where we saw plenty of old Beta friends and it was great to catch up. Afterwards, several of us went out to eat to celebrate our night. Go Bears! Go Bears! Walt and I have season cross your fingers that this is a good season for Baylor!!
All in all our weekend was great, and relaxing. Today marks my 4th month of carrying our sweet Baby Bass. Like I said at the beginning of this post...Walt tried to do a good job of taking pictures, but in all honesty, he is never the person that you turn to and ask if he would take a group picture. This just isn't his talent. My belly seems to be bigger towards the end of the day, so I waited and tried to get a couple of good pics. Please excuse the hair and the no make up face...Walt and I layed out today with our good friend Sarah and I had just blown my hair dry...but hey, at least I'm sporting that Baylor Bear shirt! Hope everyone has a great "short" week. I've had plenty of people ask for a belly here you go! (Don't forget to vote on the side as to what you think Baby Bass will be...I have my suspicions and Walt has his...we'll just have to see who's right!)


kinsey said...

been waiting on an update of that sweet baby. i vote GIRL! i think it would be so fun for you and nichole to have girls so close together :-)

Poco said...

yay!!! look at the cute lil belly!!! Love and miss you!! See you VERY SOON!!!

BabyGraham said...

What belly? I don't see a belly! Post when you have something to show little Mama! :) Yea! So happy time is creeping up! Can't wait until October!

The Browns said...

Congratulations! Your about as far along as my twin sis Becky & I'm due around the first week of January. We are so excited that we are both finally pregnant! God Bless!
Bonnie :)

She McCord said...

congrats girl! i am so excited for you and walt! your little belly is super cute! :)