August 3, 2009

Weekend at the Beach

This weekend was a much needed get-away. 12 friends packed up all our stuff and set out for Galveston to spend a weekend at the beach. We all arrived at Pat's beach house on Friday night, and of course that is when all the festivities started. On Friday night we went out on Pat's boat, rode the jet skis, then came back and ate fish that had been caught earlier that day. Once everyone arrived Friday night we brought out the board games and played "catch phrase." I'm sorry the girls dominated at "catch phrase," and we played until 4 o'clock in the morning.

Saturday, we were woken up with breakfast, then we all went out on the boat from 12-5:30. We had such a great time, just hanging out on the boat, riding jet skis, and just having great conversations. Saturday night we went to a wonderful seafood restaurant, then came back home, had birthday cake, and played some more games...mad libs, taboo, catch phrase and dizzy bat. We went to bed a little bit earlier on Saturday night (like 3 a.m.) Sunday morning we were woken up with breakfast once again and then cleaned up before heading out. Pat was so nice to let all of us go down there and hang out for the weekend. We had a wonderful weekend, but unfortunately, Walt's work computer wouldn't let me download my pics, so I had to borrow from Poco's facebook page. Once I get a regular computer I will upload more pics. As far as everything goes for me and Walt....right now we are STILL living in a hotel, we still haven't found a house that we love and I have finally moved everything into my classroom. Summer is officially over....I'm now back in my classroom, getting things together for my 6th year of teaching! Can't believe it's been 6 years!

Me, Poco and Sara....this was after a long day on the beach, but man do I love these girls!

My hair does not cooperate with least most girls can pull up their hair and look cute in a pony tail...I have to sport the half up do...and it makes me look like I'm 12.

We were playing Catch Phrase when "man in the mirror" came on by Michael Jackson...this is Pat's favorite Michael song....we were all in for a treat watching him dance to this song.

He's in the middle of doing some of his infamous Michael Jackson moves.

I was in the middle of trying to prove a point during the game...needless to say, my point was proven.
Saturday night...all dressed for dinner...don't you love how golf carts can take you everywhere at the beach?!?

Poco, Me, Ashley and Sue....My loves! Outside the restaurant, ready to eat some goooood seafood!

Me and Pokey after my glad you came and spent the weekend with us!

Walt surprised us with a birthday cake!! He also did a fabulous job of serenading us with the birthday song!

Walt with the birthday girls! Me (Aug 4) 27, Ashley (Aug 4...I know, me and my sister in law have the same birthday!) 26, and Poco (Aug 6) 24!!

Poco and Sue....right before going downstairs and deciding to participate in dizzy bat with the guys!

Walt playing dizzy bat...all of the guys were quite hilarious!

Poco and Sue..."the dizzy bat" champions! Of course when it came turn for Sue to hit the can, she actually (accidentally hit Poco in the face!) They were awesome!



Poco Wilson said...

Had so much fun this weekend.. Thanks for inviting me! :) Hope you had a AWESOME birthday today! I LOVE YOU

Joelle McBride said...

Mrs. Bass,
I am soooo sad that we didn't catch up with you this summer! I think from the timing of your blog, that you were in Galveston the same weekend our family was! We stayed at a Sand 'N Sea rental house about 18 mi west of the main street into the island (61st St?)on Miramar Beach. We were there from Aug 1- 6th! Charles wanted me not to "plan too much" this vacation, so I didn't. I'm not sure I'll tell Griffin we were so close to you - he'll probably pout for a week! Congrats on your big baby news! I was looking on your blog for an e-mail address or street address for you. Your "kids" miss you so much! Jake asked me if I thought you were 'showing' yet - because he & Griffin were talking about you(they're so cute). Please e-mail me or something, Griffin wants to share some exciting news with you. Use Thanks! Good Luck with Baby Bass,
Joelle McBride