September 29, 2009

High Flying Weekend

The girls getting ready to go on the plane!

I love it when my sister comes to visit! On Friday, Poco, Jaclyn, and Lindsay drove down from Dallas to visit me! Friday night we grilled out and played Taboo. (always fun)
Saturday morning we got up and went to brunch at this wonderful place in Houston called Benjy's. While I was there I ate the following: french toast, scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, banana nut muffin, apple muffin, and a chive and onion biscuit. I KNOW! Everyone else split their meal, but I ate all of mine...hey-O! hey, I figured that since everyone else was able to drink blood orange and white peach mimosas I could eat all I wanted!
After brunch, Pat asked it we wanted to go flying with him! Me, Walt, Poco and Jaclyn went with Pat to fly on his plan. He took us to the Bolivar Peninsula, and we also flew around Houston. I sat in the back and I took a nap when we flew over the was so relaxing! Pas was a wonderful pilot and we had a blast!

Look at the pilot and co-pilot!!

Me and Poco....ready to go see Bolivar!!

Pat's navigational map!

Saturday night was spent celebrating birthdays! Poco, Walt, Pat and myself went and ate at The Grove with several friends to celebrate one of Walt's good friend's, Brett's, birthday. Once that shindig was over, we went out to Rice Village to celebrate one of the girl's on my team's birthday. Lindsay, Jacob, and Jaclyn joined us....and we stayed out until 3 a.m.!! We were able to celebrate the Baylor win (only to be disappointed the next day by the news that RG3 is out for the season) and celebrate Houston's win over Texas Tech.
The weekend was so much fun, and I always hate to see it end. Can't wait for this weekend when we go to Dallas to celebrate Mom's birthday and see family!! Make sure you check back next week for a 20 week baby bump picture..because there is definitely a bump now!!

Pat doing his "famous" moves

My sweet girls that came to visit me!!

Me and my sister!! We always have so much fun!!

The dancing that was going on...

The girls trying to talk to Baby the pub, I know.

Lindsay was getting down...she just walked right up to this girl and starting dancing with her! One of the many reasons why I love her!


Poco Wilson said...

love you and ur baby poo.. Had so much fun with you guys last weekend like always.. I think my favorite part was just walking around the neighborhood getting to hang out with just you!! I love you so much, can't wait to see u again Friday!! Love you!!