October 25, 2009

If at first you don't succeed....

Today was a huge milestone in the Bass household. Over 3 years ago when we moved into our house in Owasso, Walt attempted to put up these shelves from Pottery Barn. We had received them as a wedding present, and I can't tell you how excited I was to put them up in our house. Walt spent the entire day trying to put up the shelves...take note, I said...trying. While he attempted he also succeeded in making a HUMONGOUS hole in our wall. After several trying hours, I vividly recall Walt throwing down all his tools, and telling me that if I wanted to shelves to be put up, "I could do it myself." At this point in time I started freaking out because we were having company in for the weekend. Not only did I not have the shelves up, I also gained a hole in the wall that could not be repaired unless the shelves were put up correctly. Walt ended up calling a "handy man" to come out to the house to put up the shelves. It only took the man about 15 minutes and he charged us $100. Nice. This started the beginning of Walt's obsession to becoming a "handy man" himself. See, Walt's dad is an engineer and obviously that side of him did not rub off on Walt. For the past three years Walt has been doing things to prove to me that he is in fact the man of the house. Well, when it was time to move out of our Owasso house we were forced to leave the shelves (because of the hole) and I told Walt that no matter what I would get some more shelves. Today was the day. Walt was determined to put these shelves up all by himself. After only 1 HOUR of working... WALT SUCCEEDED!! and the final result is the picture up top! I must say I sat there the entire time and offered Walt my moral support! I must say the shelves look great with our bed!! What a handy man my husband is!

I had to include a picture of our windows in our bedroom. The windows in our house must be my favorite feature! I love them!
Walt decided that not only would he put up the shelves, he would also put together our sweet-E's changing crib..and look he did it!!! without any problems! 2 for 2 in one day? His dad would be so proud!
This weekend Walt and I also made the trip up to Waco for Homecoming. We knew the Bears were not going to win, but we had a great time anyway. Although I only took two pictures the entire time, we were glad to experience Homecoming since we hadn't been back in several years. We were able to eat at Diamond Backs, go to Common Grounds, Walt ventured out to Scruffy's, and we had a blast tailgating! Maybe the Bears will win next year....let's just hope Griffin is able to come back and play! This picture is horrible of me, but I had to take a picture with My Sue Bear....she's definitely a blessing in my life and one of my greatest friends ever! Sue, or course took this picture with her camera and it is 100% better!
I love this sign. Just wish the outcome of the game would have been to my liking.
Here are some pictures of some of the gifts our sweet Eloise has already gotten. Sue and Matt surprised us with these oh so adorable Burberry booties!! How cute are they??!! Can't wait to see her tiny feet and put these on her!
These next two pictures are from Eloise's Gambi. (my mother) My mom went out and bought her a tutu, and believe me, she WILL be wearing this in one of her newborn pictures!! The shirt and bow are just as adorable and I can't wait for her Gambi to come and dress her up!

One of my precious students from Tulsa sent this to Eloise. (Is she spoiled or what?) Since Eloise is going to have a winter birthday, I can't wait to bundle her up in this!! Thank you Castleberry's!!
Is this not the cutest onesie ever?? This will be perfect for my precious girl!! Her wonderful Aunt Poco saw this onesie and couldn't pass this up! We love it, almost as much as we love Aunt Poco!
Another one of my parents from Tulsa went out and bought Miss Eloise this onesie before we even knew she was a girl. It's perfect! Thank you to the Jeffrey Family!
This picture is our girl's first doll (from her Gambi) and an adorable little carrier to put all of her stuff in...specially monogrammed for her! (thank you Castleberry's!) We are so blessed!
And this last picture....Walt's mom (La-Lee) bought this sweet lamb before we even told her we were pregnant. She just had this feeling and went straight to Neiman's and purchased the lamb. What a perfect gift!! The little lamb is right on top of a green and gold receiving blanket (BAYLOR) that we received from the Castleberry's. We just can't wait to get started using all of this stuff!! God has blessed us immensely and we continue to give Him our thanks and praises!
Now we are just gearing up for Thanksgiving... we will have ALL of my family at the house (Poco, Nichole, Greg, Jack, Spencer, Lauren, Momma, Nana, Poppy, Me and Walt PLUS all our dogs!!)! What wonderful and exciting times!!


Poco Wilson said...

Cute pictures.. looks like yall had fun!!

P.s- I see how much u like ur bunny!

kinsey said...

such cute stuff!

Sue said...

The shelves and changing crib look perfect!! Such a handyman he is! (Matt is on Day 3 putting together the computer desk..haha!) So great spending the weekend with you. Love you much!