November 1, 2009

Our weekend

The first day of November! I can't believe we are already into the month where the holidays begin! I am not going to lie...Walt and I have already watched 3 holiday movies...Elf, Love Actually and we started Christmas Vacation. As much as I love the lazy days of summer...I also love the months of November and December because of the holidays. Walt and I had an uneventful, but productive weekend.

On Friday night we went over the Sarah and Nate's house and had dinner. Sarah is an amazing cook! She wouldn't let me do one thing! I must say I think she spoiled Walt rotten!! I am so thankful for Sarah and so glad that I teach with someone so wonderful! Thank you Sarah and Nate for a great evening!
Saturday was of course....Game Day
Walt and I didn't really think that Baylor would give us a win, but the game was actually half way decent during the second half. I keep thinking what could have been....if only Robert Griffin hadn't gotten injured. Oh well, we're still the same old Baylor. But hey... we have to support the Baylor Bears! We bleed green and gold!
Halloween night wasn't spent going to a fun party like it normally is... I remember last Halloween, my mom came to visit, and we went out for Halloween. We had so much fun. I must say, I did have fun this Halloween, just on a different level. I don't think it would look very inappropriate at this point in my pregnancy to just waltz on into a bar, or go out to a party....and not to mention I am normally passed out on the couch by 9:00. So...Walt and I stayed in and watched the Longhorns beat, I mean, KILL the OSU Cowboys. Now, if OSU is up against OU, of course I root for the Cowboys....but when OSU plays the Longhorns....hmm let's just say Walt and I were very satisfied with the outcome. Colt isn't too bad to look at either!
November is an exciting month....I celebrate not one, not two but 5 family members' birthdays! Walt's Dad (Pops) turns SIXTY on the 4th (and he has an ELEVEN year old!)
Walt turns 28 on the 11th
Tucker (walt's brother) turns 12 on the 26th
Poppy turns 89 on the 27th
Nichole turns 31 on the 30th!
So, needless to say... November is a month to celebrate! Once November rolls around, I pull out Walt's birthday banner. Walt hates when I put this up...he says, "My birthday is just one day out of the month, Mer." but secretly, I think he loves watching me hang his banner, and he just waits patiently for November 1st.

This little thing hung out outside all weekend. She LOVES having a back yard. We caught her several times "sunning" on the back porch. She was very excited to get her Halloween present yesterday. Walt and I got her 4 little decorated doggie treats. She has already eaten two...and she gobbled them right up!

On Sunday morning before church, Walt, Gracie, Me and Baby Eloise went for a nice long walk. This has become a weekend ritual when we are home and I love it. We live next to a beautiful lake, and Gracie loves walking around it. The weather was perfect, cool and crisp. It was a great way to start our Sunday together!
I also spent the weekend the way that I spend EVERY weekend....GRADING PAPERS. Ugh! If there is a downfall to my job (because we know there aren't many) this is IT! I absolutely despise grading papers. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. GROSS!
While I graded papers, this is Walt my sweet, darling, loving, always wanting to help, husband did....
Hmm...what could he be watching?
Maybe the same thing we watched ALL DAY Saturday?? But least the Cowboys played well, and Walt was in a great mood! Miles Austin is on a roll!! Love this guy!

We also planted pansies in our yard. We planted a TON of pansies. I can't wait until they grow and we have beautiful flowers. I L-O-V-E pansies and I'm glad it is that time of year to plant them again....Pansy, I have missed you.
I started getting things together for my Thanksgiving tablescape. My entire family is coming to Katy this year and I want the dining room table to be just perfect. Gracie and I spray painted pumpkins and gourds and I can't wait until the I have the table completely finished...don't know I'll be posting a pic!

OH and tomorrow marks 6 MONTHS! I can't believe I have been pregnant for that long! Walt and I were talking today after church and we realized that sweet Eloise's first church experience was at Westminister Abbey in London this summer. How cool is that? Let me tell you, if there is one thing Eloise's music!! Yesterday while I was cleaning around the house, she was jumping all around to the music, and today during the worship at church Eloise wouldn't calm down. I think she must take after me in that area!! It's exciting to think that in less than 4 months we'll be parents! I'm just now starting to find clothes that I can't fit into.....guess that means I get to go clothes shopping!! Here is the belly....and yes, there is a belly!
Gracie was barking up a storm before this picture was taken....she wanted to be in the picture with all the girls...goodness, I look rough after a long weekend!


Poco Wilson said...

Your ALLL BELLY!!!! I love it, made me smile from ear to ear to see your pictures!!! I can't wait to see you again and to start cooking for the holidays!! I miss you guys sooo very much!!

AmandaMarquis said...

omg im so exited for you i cant wait to see pictures of her and her name is beautiful and if shes anything like her mom she will be an amazing person
i miss you and miss talking to you
i havent talked to you in almost 3 years so if you get a minute (if you want) call me i love you!!!
amanda marquis

Marci said...

Mer, your belly is adorable!!! love it!

Gambi said...

What a precious little belly you have! I am so excited to see all of you next weekend at the big game. Maybe Miss Ellie B will give me a big KICK! Call me sometime this week....Give my wonderful son-in-law a BIG HUG and SQUEEZE and tell him how very proud I am! I'm so glad things are going well for all of you!!!! Much Love!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Bass,

It's Katherine Patz and I was wondering, what is your address? My mom and I would like to send some baby clothes. You can email it to my moms email at Thanks!

Hope you are doing well and loving being back in Texas. I miss you!


Anonymous said...

hello mrs. wilson,
I was also wondering your adderss you can send it to my email
love fav.teacher ever
p.s. if i were there i would LOVE to help you with grading those papers:)