November 15, 2009

Just a couple of countdowns.....

The two pieces of fabric above are going to be Eloise's bedding! I am so excited and can't wait for her bedding to come in! Don't you just love etsy? Gosh, I know I do. I went online to see if etsy had any cute baby bedding because I could not find what I was I surprised. Not only could I pick out the fabric I wanted to use, so it would be unique of course, I was also able to find a lady that is making my crib bedding for me and it should be here January 4th! I was able to customize anything I wanted....I just can't wait to see it in person!!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! It's so hard to drive down the road and see Christmas tress put up...I can't believe the holidays are actually here! My side of the family is coming to spend Thanksgiving here this year, and we couldn't be more excited. Here are the cast of people that are going to be at our house:

Spencer and Lauren...they should arrive sometime on Wednesday night with their two dogs, Granger and Abby

Nana and Poppy...they are actually making the drive all the way from Mt. Pleasant. Nana and Poppy are going to stay in a hotel. Nana is quite excited about being waited on hand and foot, while the younger girls do all the cooking!

My precious mother. She has to work on Wednesday, so she won't be in until late Wednesday night. She is bringing the main characters: the turkey and ham!! Oh and I can't forget... she is also bringing Gracie's friend...PHOEBE!

My sisters! YAY! Poco is actually coming in on Monday night, with Gracie's boyfriend, Riley. She is going to go grocery shopping for me on Tuesday, and come up to the school to eat lunch with me, and we will do some cooking on Tuesday night. Nichole arrives on Wednesday morning with the main attraction: Jack Man!

Of course Greg will be accompanying Nichole, and we can't forget Walt. This was Walt and Greg last year at the Graham's for Thanksgiving in North Carolina. They were in the middle of a game of Taboo...there will be a repeat of that this year!!

Jack Man! Jack, Nichole, Greg and Baby Claire are staying here Wed-Fri. night. Can't wait to love on this face!!
Thanksgiving is going to be fun! We had a blast last year in North Carolina, and I love the fact that we are all able to get together this year again. The house is going to be jam packed...just the way I like it! Good food, good fun and great times with the family!
The Saturday after Thanksgiving we will be driving to Dallas to spend the day with Walt's family. We are going to the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game at Cowboys Stadium. Tucker will have celebrated his 12th birthday on Thanksgiving, and since he feels like he is too old now to have a party, (gotta love that) we are all going to the game.

On another note... we are LESS THAN 100 days away from our expected due date!! I've been saying from the beginning if she is anything like her dad she will either be EARLY or ON TIME!! I go back to the Dr. twice this week, once on Tuesday for that test where you have to drink the nasty juice, and then again on Thursday. We will be having a sonogram on Thursday, so who knows, maybe I'll have some pictures for you!!

And to end the post on a funny note... last week, I was teaching my sweet, sweet class. I turned around to do something on the board and noticed that my shirt had definitely inched up my stomach was FULLY showing!! Who knows how long my big ole' belly had been sticking out, but my class is so incredibly polite, they would have never said anything. I am sure they went home traumatized!! At least we know that I teach some precious kids!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry for my English, I speak French! Just wanted to say my daughter's name is Eloise and she's just perfect (well, 98% of the time!). She talks non stop, very funny and clever! Good luck with your baby!

kinsey said...

love the bedding!!

Anonymous said...

Meredith - I've been reading your blog for probably a year and was just thrilled with the announcement of your pregnancy. I teach 5th grade in Kentucky and have 2 boys - Wilson who is 5 and Sullivan who will be 2 in December. I wanted to comment that the juice you'll have to drink for your Gestational Diabetes Test is really not that bad, or at least mine weren't. It's VERY sweet and there's not that much that you have to drink. Good Luck!! Diana Banks Shadowen