January 17, 2010

Childbirth 101



I had to post pictures first, of Gracie. Gracie got a haircut yesterday and boy did she need it!! I am sure that when Walt took her into the groomer's they were wondering who in the world are her parents because she was SOOOOO DIR-TY! She looks so beautiful now, and she is ready for the arrival of her little sister!

Yesterday Walt and I went to childbirthing class. It went way better than expected. We signed up for the 6 hour course...this way we could just get it all over with. We had a really great instructor, but there was one problem that really bugged me....she couldn't spell. I don't know, maybe it is the teacher in me, or maybe it is the fact that I feel like if you are going to be presenting something to a large number of people, you should probably know how to spell these words...especially if you have been doing this same presentation for over 20 years. Here are just a few of the words that she so obviously misspelled.
Coach's list....she wrote Coache's list
Lie Down....she wrote Lye down
Transition...she wrote Trasition
False Labor....she wrote Fales Labor
Oh goodness... I was bothered... really bothered.
So... onto Walt. Walt was thrilled to be taking this class with me, especially since Baylor, who is ranked 24th right now in the NCAA for basketball, was going to be playing Oklahoma State at 3. I had a nice long talk with Walt before we got there telling him that he really shouldn't say anything inappropriate...thank goodness he listened.
At one point in time I looked over at him thinking that he was taking notes, because he is the Coach (or the Coache as the instructor would have put it) and to my surprise he was drawing. Not a big deal, but what he was drawing, made me crack up... He was drawing Gracie... (we had just dropped her off at the groomer's) so he drew a picture of her with a little bubble coming out of her mouth saying, "Save Me."
When the instructor asked about some of the signs that a woman experiences during the 1st trimester, Walt was the coach who so graciously, and loudly said, "Crankiness" and all of the other men agreed.
During another time in the class Walt looked over at me and said, "Mer, do you know I've been to 40 different countries?" As I glanced over at the notes, he had made a list of all the places he had been.
And then, when we had to watch 3 videos of 3 different women giving birth, Walt conveniently decided that that was the time he needed to go and get some more water. I won't even mention Walt's facial expressions as the ladies on the t.v. were making noises, or when he closed his eyes, and put his hands over his face because he did not want to see the baby being born.
He also proceeded to exchange texts the entire second half with his good friend, Brett. Once every 5 minutes he was getting an update on the game...thank goodness Baylor won!
Needless to say, we survived, and I was proud of Walt.

Now...onto things at home. Walt and I have been doing pretty well. We went to the doctor on Thursday to see little Bass and she really didn't want to show us her face. When the stenographer looked her hand was over her face...so she decided to shake my belly a little. This was something that Eloise did not like, because she proceeded to put both hands over her face, she was thinking, "I'll show them!" Eventually she moved her hands and we were able to see her...with her pouty lips and all. She was blinking and moving around...I just can't wait to meet her! We go back to the doctor on Wednesday for our last sonogram, and to find out what the doctor has to say about our little one making her arrival into this world. But.. I've been taking it easy...and Walt (thank goodness for a loving husband) has been doing everything around the house...and by everything, I mean everything.

Once my team found out that I needed to take things a little bit more slowly they all decided to pick up my slack. I have been completely overwhelmed with how loving and caring my team at school is. I've worked in a lot of schools, but this team is by far the most cooperative and I am truly thankful. Walt and I don't have family here...but I certainly feel like these girls are my family. I'm talking I don't walk my kids to lunch, recess, or specials AND these girls have managed to find time to bring dinner over to the house for me and Walt for the next three weeks. Words can't even being to express how thankful I am for them. I love each and every one of these girls. Here we are at JoDee's shower (we're missing Melyssa)...JoDee is the blonde, on the right, she is pregnant as well and is due two weeks before me...I have had so much fun being pregnant with her. God truly blessed me with these girls' friendship.

On another note...I am 35 weeks tomorrow (monday) and I know I haven't done a great job at showing you belly pics. Here are two... Lordy, Lordy, I am big. I remember being 5 months pregnant thinking there is no way my stomach could stretch anymore...haha, I was flat out wrong!

Hopefully it won't be too much longer until this little girl makes her debut! Her bedding is FINALLY coming in this week, her rocking chair cover will be here, her banner that I had made to hang on her wall and to take to the hospital to hang on our door will be here..and the curtains are finished! I think we will have it all together....now it's just a waiting game to see when she wants to come...I know Dr. Peterson will give us more info on Wednesday...stay tuned!


Jordan said...

You look great! :)

JandKStaats said...

You look great!!! I can not wait to look that cute when I'm pregnant.

rathi said...

Can't wait to see pics of your baby girl!!! I am 28 weeks this Thursday and I agree about the stretching.. We go to our childbirth class on Feb 6th and I can just imagine what my hubby will do after reading this! :) Have a great week!

JoDee Hale said...

Meredith! You made us sound way too sweet! I sure have enjoyed being pregnant with you too!! Being moms together is going to be great- I am really, really excited about it!! I feel like we are all so blessed to have you on our team- and even more so to have you as a friend! Now, I'm not usually so sappy, so these pregnancy hormones must really be doing a number on me! :)
PS- your belly is so cute! It's not nearly as big as you think it is! Can't wait to meet that little girl!