January 20, 2010

No change is a good thing!

My bedding finally came in!!

Big sister had to try out the bedding first!!

Do you think Eloise will be jealous?
Our bedding FINALLY came in today and I couldn't be happier!! My curtains are being shipped tomorrow, so everything is ALMOST complete!! Walt and I had a doctor's appointment today.....things look just like they did last week. Eloise is still very low, and I am dilated to 1 cm, but NO change is a GOOD thing! Doctor told me to just keep doing everything that I am doing now. She said her guess is that she is definitely here within the first two weeks of February, we'll see if Eloise follows what the Doctor thinks. The doctor did hook me up to a monitor to watch my contractions, she couldn't believe I was having so many, and she even told me I was a very tough woman because the contractions are so strong....I looked over at Walt and said, "Did you hear that, you married a tough woman!" If you can't tell, I really love my doctor!! The only disappointing news for today was that Walt and I can not go out of town this weekend to our shower in Daingerfield. We aren't allowed to travel because she is so low and I am dilated. This was extremely disappointing, but we will just have to have a sip and see after Eloise is born.
I walked out of the doctor's appointment very happy...I am glad that Eloise hasn't made any change, and I truly appreciate your prayers!! You know I'll keep you updated!


Poco Wilson said...

Your bedding is sooooo cute!! I lovvveeee it!!! I can't wait to see sweet Eloise in there, even though Gracie did look VERY BEAUTIFUL!! Promise her b-f- will have a hair cut and look very handsome for her when we come meet my sweet NIECE!!! aghhhhhh I can barely sit still Im SOOOO EXCITED!! LOVE LOVe.. Aunt "P"

Anonymous said...

My Eloise is born feb. 28th.... And she's awsome! Good luck with everything!

kinsey said...

hang on eloise!! you're almost there!! and what an ADORABLE bed you will be sleeping in :-)

Jordan said...

The bedding is adorable!

TheYarterFamily said...

Mer!! I don't even remember the last time we talked but you were going to help me with a blog and I never got committed to it. I do remember that you and Walt were wanting so badly to have a baby and here you are about to deliver in just a few weeks! I am so happy for you!! Our children are the very best parts of us brought to life! I just had our third son this past August. Still no girls for me yet but I can't wait to see pics of little Eloise!!