January 30, 2010

Showers, Showers and Shower Gifts

Ok...let's start off with a recap of the past two weeks.
Remember my doctor told me that I couldn't leave Katy, so therefore I was unable to attend my shower in Daingerfield. Well...because of this we have had a knock at the door everyday from UPS...(I kind of like this) and the above picture is Walt with one of HIS presents. This is the Baby Bjorn. Walt decided that he would try it on, and he also decided that he would put Miss Gracie in it just to see if it worked. ha! From the looks of it, Gracie likes it!

Last week I had two showers at my school. One was thrown by my kiddos. They were so precious. The kids decided to throw me a "surprise" baby shower. They had so much fun eating the cake, and check out the cake below, watching me open presents and just missing some class time! I was spoiled rotten by these kids! I have pictures of the kids during the shower, but because of certain school district policies, I am not going to go there and post pics of the kids...just know that the kids are PRECIOUS!

One of my student's mothers makes cakes...is this not beautiful?? The top layer was carrot cake with cream cheese icing, the second layer with vanilla with almond and the last layer was chocolate with cookies and cream icing. I was able to take the entire top layer home for Walt to eat....man was it good! This cake is gorgeous, AND it matched my colors for Eloise's nursery!

One of my sweet students, Kaylee, got Eloise this adorable polka dot dress

Look at the card closely...Meagan wrote her a note...she spelled her name "Eliwees"
gotta love phonetic spellers!! :) Let's just pretend that I had my legs crossed in this picture...hey, at least I had on leggings!

More cute outfits for my girl
My team also threw me a shower. I had so much fun! I had requested that I have a book shower, so that I could build up Eloise's library. This was so exciting because each team at the school gave me some wonderful books! I had so much fun going through them and reading what the teams had to say to Eloise. I can't wait to start reading to her every night. My team did a fabulous job with decorations and food. If you will notice below the cakes are shaped like oreo cookies.....this has been my one and only craving throughout my pregnancy. I thought it was hilarious and thoughtful that they remembered this and used this as the idea for my cake!

LOVE my team!! And yes, since I couldn't go to my Daingerfield shower, I wore my shower dress to school!! How adorable are the girls that I work with???

My chocolate cake...shaped like oreos...and oh so good!!

Some of the pretty decorations...don't you LOVE the paper doll cut outs?

Just some of the books...

and some more...

one of the bags that Eloise received....there were "themed" books in this bag...it was perfect!

So I can officially say that NOW, FINALLY the nursery is C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E! I was waiting on a banner that I was having made from Mimi and it turned out PERFECT! This banner will accompany us to the hospital where it will go outside our hospital door, and then it will make it's way back home. I love this banner and think that Mimi did such a great job! I can't wait to use this for Eloise's birthdays! I also finally received my curtains. I LOVE them as well! I personally think they are beautiful....now all we need is Eloise to make the room complete!

At my check-up on Wednesday the doctor told me that I was 3 cm dilated....hey, at least it's better than the 1 cm that I have been for the past two weeks. Monday I am 37 weeks, so Eloise will officially be considered "full term." This was is so exciting...she has stayed put! Thank you for all of you that have been keeping us in your prayers!! Doctor still doesn't think that I will make it to her original due date of the 22nd, so we'll see....Walt and I are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet girl! We might also be a little excited because Baylor played so well today...they beat #6 ranked Texas in overtime....Sic'Em Bears! What a wonderful last couple of weeks....can you say BLESSED?!?


Elizabeth said...

SUCH a fun time for you and your husband! :) I remember this excitement - it's the best! Her bedding is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE "girly" - Jealous vibes from a boy Mommy...can't wait to see pics of Eloise!

JandKStaats said...

Aw. Its was so cute that your kiddos threw you a shower!

I love love the bedding and the window treatments!

She is almost here!

The Neaves' said...

looks like you guys got some great things!love the book idea! One book you MUST get is called "On The Night You Were Born!" Precious, precious book!

AND...I absolutely LOVE the curtain. Did you buy or make it??

Rathi said...

The bedding turned out gorgeous, and just LOVE the curtain! Her banner is the cutest thing ever!!! Can't wait to see pics of Miss E soon! We are getting close too, just about two more months to go!! So excited for you guys!

DustyandBrooke said...

Hi, Meredith! I've followed your blog for a couple of months...not sure how I found it. I love looking at others' blogs (even those of people I don't know!). My husband and I are expecting our first, Avery Claire, in a couple of months, and I'm also on "bedrest," so I feel we have a few things in common. I've been searching for a cute shower dress and love yours! Can you tell me where you got it? Is there a website?
Good luck! Maybe you'll get to meet your baby girl soon!

Lindsay said...

I love the room :) You are too cute! I can't wait to come see you and Ellie!! (Walt and Gracie too!) WAHOOOO

JoDee Hale said...

That little girl has the cutest nursery room I've ever seen!

I'm so excited for you!

Catherine Chaumont said...

You did a great job on her room. I love the curtains...very unique!! Can't wait to see pictures of the little angel.

Tiny Tuck's Adventures said...

The nursery is precious! Hope you are feeling okay! Hang in there!

Sue said...

Love love love the nursery!!!! Perfection. XOXO

Lindsey said...

meredith - congrats on the soon arrival of baby eloise (which name i love) you look great in your shower pics. can't wait to see pics of her when she arrives!