April 5, 2010


Easter Weekend...WHEW! Lots of traveling, lots of suitcases, lots of family members...but LOTS of memories and totally worth it!
Before we talk about Easter... I went to the doctor on Wednesday and I was "officially" cleared. This was an exciting day for me, as I can now FINALLY workout!
Eloise wanted to help me get into my workout routine!
Here she is in her gear:

Time for the stretching....

Momma and Eloise are ready for our first workout together!

We left on Thursday night to go home to celebrate the Easter weekend. I hate leaving Houston at 5. Instead of it taking us 4 and a half hours to get home, it ends up taking us around 6 to 6 and a half hours due to traffic. Eloise was great. We had a couple of crying fits...but I didn't blame her...I hated being cooped up in that car for that long as well.

On Friday we went over to my grandparents house so they could finally meet their great granddaughter. Unfortunately, they didn't want me to take their pictures because they were just lounging around for the day. I think they knew I would post it on my blog for the world to see.
Here is sweet little Eloise on the way there....so excited to meet her Super Nana and Super Poppy:

We stayed over at their house for about 5 hours. While we were there Gambi showed up for the Easter weekend and Aunt Poco as well. As always, it was great to get to catch up and spend time with our family.
Eloise loves her family...and momma does too...they always hold her and take care of her!!

Daddy and Eloise taking a little cat nap on the floor!

On our way home from Super Nana and Super Poppy's house Eloise decided it would be time to have a blow out....I decided to capture her "poop" face right in the act.

Saturday was a crazy day! Walt and I got up early and ran at the state park. Man did it feel great, but I really felt it on Sunday morning! We had several Easter egg hunts...and it was time for Eloise to meet several more of her family members.
Here is Eloise at our first hunt:

Eloise finally got to meet Lou! Lou just held on to Eloise and never let her go! Eloise never cried once in Lou's arms....think she might need to move in to my house!

Once we got home from that Easter party Eloise was so tired....she had to rest up before the next party, the church Easter egg hunt that is always held at Walt's house.
Aunt Ashley tried to wake Eloise up for the Easter egg hunt, but she was way too comfortable, so Eloise decided to stay asleep!

Lalee is like the "child" whisperer...every child always wants to be around her! She's amazing! Her she is leading the devotional with the kids before the hunt.

Time to find the eggs!

Eloise loves her Lalee! After the hunt, it was time for her to eat!

Saturday night was spent over at Summer and Neil's house. They have a beautiful home on gorgeous property. The boys went skeet shooting, while the girls played bocce. Lou and I decided to let Summer and Ashley win...we didn't want to hurt their feelings. After our activities, we toured their beautiful land, and then watched a perfect sunset.

Summer talking with Preston, Ashley and Lou

Walt and Neil engaged in serious conversation

Tucker's hanging out with the big kids now!

Me and my main squeeze

Easter Sunday was perfect. Uncle Preston was so sweet and fed little Eloise while I struggled to get ready!

Of course Eloise wasn't done eating by the time we got to church, so she decided to let out a huge scream the second we walked in there. Walt whisked her away so quickly...we went out into the foyer where she finished her bottle and then we spent the rest of the service in the cry room...she didn't cry, she slept...but we didn't want to cause another seen. After church was spent eating a wonderful meal prepared by Lalee with family. What a great day and how thankful we always are that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
Here I am with my little Easter bunny:

Little Eloise had a beautiful dress (given to her by Lalee and Pops) and she was the sweetest thing on Easter Sunday

Easter Family pic 2010

Lalee and Pops with their first grandbaby!

Pops during his "grandfatherly" duties!

Grandma came over for lunch and she was able to meet her great granddaughter for the first time. Eloise loved sitting in her arms.
We left Daingerfield around 3:00 and made our way back to Houston around 7:45. Now Eloise and I are trying to get the house cleaned up and trying to get ready for her first day at daycare tomorrow. I start back on Thursday, but Walt and I figured we needed to get into the "routine" before the actual day. We didn't want to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off come Thursday. We are going to drop her off and normal time tomorrow, and then I will pick her up after half of the day...I am starting to half a little anxiety about it. Yes, I am so ready to be back and work and be with my co-workers and see my kids...I just wish that I could put Eloise in my pocket and take her with me! I know this week is going to be bittersweet....hopefully come Thursday, I will be ok with Eloise at daycare! I'll keep you posted!


rathi said...

Love E's Easter outfits, too cute!

kinsey said...

love that you are transitioning with a short week. i'll be thinking about you all week and will say many prayers!

Anonymous said...

I just love all of her sweet outfits!