May 17, 2010

Eloise's Boast and Toast

Poco and Sue hosted a "Boast and Toast" for me, Walt and Eloise this weekend. This was a wonderful party where guys could come and see our sweet baby and enjoy themselves as well. Walt and I were completely overwhelmed with all of our friends that showed up. We definitely felt loved and it was a true testament to what wonderful friends we have. Thank you to everyone for coming and a huge thank you to Poco for organizing this event, and to Sue and Matt, for organizing the event as well, and for giving up your house! The party started at 4 in the afternoon and I think we strolled out of there at 1:00. We truly are blessed. Love to all for taking time out of your weekend to come and meet Miss Eloise!

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Poco said...

Had so much fun celebrating Ms. Eloise this wknd! You guys are so fun!! Thanks for staying with me! :) I love you!

Graham said...

Wish I could have been there

Sue said...

Party was a success!!! It was soo much fun and Eloise was just perfect through the entire thing! Glad we got to end the night with Euro-trip '07......when in Rome!