May 24, 2010

Happy Three Months!

I'm a little late on the posting, but I have a reason...Walt, Eloise, Gracie and myself were all in Tulsa this past weekend (Thurs.-Sun) visiting friends, and watching all my old kiddos (I taught them for two years) graduate 5th grade. Eloise turned three months on the 19th...look how big she is!! Eloise, your daddy and I have had so much fun with three months you:

*Love to smile at everyone
*Know your momma's face
*Can sit in the bathtub all day
*Sleep from around 8 and get up at 3...then sleep until 8 again.
*You sometimes will eat 6 oz in one sitting!
*You LOVE t.v. this might be bad...but, oh well!
*Goodness girlie, you are a to kick your legs and be all sprawled out
*You love to be held...all.the.time.
*Gracie loves you more than you know...and you seem to like this
*Have giggled twice for us...we know a lifetime of laughs are coming
*Make your momma and daddy so happy everyday
*Are loved more than you know

Eloise was wonderful on our 20 hour round trip to Tulsa. We stopped off in Dallas on Wednesday night and spent the night with Gambi. We then got up on Thursday and drove to Tulsa, where we stayed with Emily and Adam Green. I taught with Emily in Tulsa, and we became extremely close. She just had her precious baby girl, Catherine Elizabeth, 3 weeks ago. It was so much fun to be with Emily and to experience mommyhood together. I am very thankful for our friendship....we have not lost touch over the year and she is one of my best friends...thank you for letting us stay!! Catherine is beautiful, and Eloise and I will be spending more time with them over the summer when Emily and Catherine come to visit for a WEEK in July!! Sooo exciting! ON Thursday night we went to watch my students graduate....these kids are so special to me. I taught every 5th grader Reading when they were in the 3rd and 4th grade. They have the most amazing parents and they are the neatest kids. I was truly blessed by all of them. Friday was spent going see my kiddos at lunch, then heading to Utica for lunch with the babies. Emily and I then went shopping while Walt and Adam went back to Emily's house for drinks on the back porch. Friday night I went to the 5th grade party and hung out with all my old kids, then the Green's and Bass' went to dinner at Garlic Rose. We sat outside, enjoyed great wine, great company and two extremely cute babies! On Saturday, after brunch at Stone Horse, Walt and I drove to East Texas where we were able to see my Nana and Poppy. Eloise loves spending time with her Super Nana and Super Poppy....
We then drove to Daingerfield where LaLee and Pops spoiled us rotten. Dinner was waiting, and Walt and I were able to lay around and watch t.v. because Eloise always prefers her Lalee. Sunday was spent going to lunch with the family and then we drove home.
We have found out that Eloise is quite the traveler...thank goodness! 3 months old and already she has made 6 trips out of town and one to another blessed are we??!! Now I am just trying to keep my head above water...7 more days and then it's summer time!! Or should I say mommy and Eloise time??


rathi said...

Krishani has the same onesie that E is wearing in her three month picture! Love the carter's onesies! I have a favor to ask.. sometime whenever you get time, would you redo my blog header.. I want to add a picture of Krishani in there.. change it up a little bit.. :)

JoDee Hale said...

Love the slideshow! So precious! Eloise is just as photogenic as her momma!

Graham said...

Bring that onesie and the girls can match! She is precious! Can't wait to hold her!