May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

To think that a year ago I was questioning whether or not I could even become a seems like so far away. I am so blessed that God chose me to be Eloise's mother. I am so blessed that He trusted me with His precious angel. After all the heartache and hardships that Walt and I went through...we finally have our miracle. Mother's day is something that I never knew if I would celebrate or not. God is good.
How can you not love this little BIG brown eyed beauty?

Today has been great...daddy has let momma and his girls do whatever we want. He even fixed us his specialty for dogs. haha! Walt and I FINALLY got a t.v. for our bedroom today. I've been married to the man for 4 years and we've never had a t.v. in our bedroom...I can't wait to watch It's Complicated tonight all snuggled up under the covers!! Thank you daddy for spoiling your girls rotten!
Here I am with my two sweet babies

Oh and about 2 weeks before Eloise was born I was in the shower and one of my diamond earrings went down the drain. My earrings were my wedding present from Walt. He had already gotten my push present, (the birthstone necklace) so he was a little upset when I told him that I "lost" the earring. I tried explaining to him that it was not my fault...but Walt tried to tell me that I shouldn't wear jewelry in the shower. Well of course YESTERDAY (because my husband can't keep secrets) something came in the mail:

He's so good to me. I've had one wonderful Mother's Day weekend!