June 23, 2010

4 Months and a visit from Gambi

This past week Eloise and I had a visit from Gambi. We had so much fun and did so many things! I think Eloise and I are still recovering....we've been a little under the weather. Gambi came to visit us on Monday. While she was here we went shopping at the Galleria (and picked up daddy's Father's day present), we went swimming with our weekly playgroup, we went and had sushi and walked around La Centerra, we laid in bed and watched Good Morning America, we did so much stuff!

Gambi reading Eloise a bed time story

Getting ready to go to our playgroup...swim time!!

eloise loves the water

i'm so sassy in my shades from Cousin Summer

Gambi and Eloise before our sushi lunch date!

quality time with Gambi

Eloise in her stroller at the Galleria...happy girl when we are shopping

we were dog sitting again for our friends again...and my mother fell in LOVE with Jack. I think Jack fell in LOVE with her too. This is how they spent their mornings....
On Friday morning, we drove to Dallas. I had gotten Gambi tickets to go see Wicked for Christmas because she had never seen it before. So on Friday we packed up and headed to Dallas. Gambi dropped us off at Aunt Poco's where we got to spend the afternoon together. ON Friday night we went to dinner with Gambi and Aunt Poco and had so much fun. Saturday, Aunt Poco babysat Eloise while Gambi and I went to the musical. Eloise had so much fun and I so appreciate her! Thank you Aunt Poco. Daddy drove up to Dallas on Saturday with Gracie, and picked us up after the musical. We then headed to Daingerfield for Father's Day. What a week!

sleepy girl, getting ready for a car drive to Dallas

Saturday morning...hanging out watching t.v. at Gambi's.

Wicked!! Just as good the 3rd time around

Me and momma!

Momma just had to get a picture in the over sized chair!

Eloise after leaving Gambi's. Gambi...You wore us OUT! We Love you!!

While we were in Dallas Eloise turned 4 months old. She is growing up so quickly! At 4 months you:
LOVE your tongue
Slept straight through the night, THREE nights in a row
have now started taking the paci
are obsessed with your hands
met some new friends at your play group
smile all the time
drink 4 0z every 3 hours
are awake for 2 hours then you usually take an hour nap
love to be held...especially by momma
still love your Baby Bjorn
love to be free (a.k.a. naked)
love bathtime because you get to kick your legs
only wake up once at night
wear 3-6 month clothes
wear 1-2 diapers
have the highest pitched laugh I have ever heard
make your momma and daddy so extremely happy

Big old Bug eyes!!

Look at you, and your pose

such a ham for the camera
you love working with daddy on the computer

Next week, daddy is on vacation...so stay tuned for some exciting posts...we are doing some fun things with Eloise!!


Kellie said...

I love all of your post about what you are up to!

I need you to post "Things I never knew about being a mom". what have you learned? I need to know these thigns! :)

Also, we never got together :(. Hope your having a great summer.

Rathi said...

Krishani is almost four months in another week.. looking forward for her to sleep thru the night soon! Eloise is too precious!

Momma said...

The pictures are priceless, just like my visit. I miss my little toot already! Come back soon! Love you!!