July 20, 2010

5 months and a day

Happy 5 Month Miss Eloise Betty Bass!
(well...5 months and one day)

Let's see at 5 months you:
  • talk A LOT...hmmm wonder where you could get that from
  • eat 7 oz. every 5 hours
  • LOOOOVVVEE you some green beans
  • usually take 2 naps throughout the day
  • wear some 3/6 month clothes and some 6/12 month clothes
  • wear a size 2 diaper
  • get so excited once that bottle is put in front of you...you flap those arms and kick those legs
  • LOVE the pool
  • are a very happy baby
  • go to bed around 8:30 and wake up once (usually) then sleep until 8 or 8:3o in the morning
  • really reach for things now
  • took your first plane ride, and you have been to 3 different states!
  • are obsessed with your hands and feet
  • can roll from back to tummy and tummy to back
  • would rather sleep on your tummy
  • hate rice cereal
  • babble to yourself in your crib for a good 30 minutes before you fall asleep
Eloise your daddy and I know how blessed we are!
You are such a wonderful baby.
Thank you for making our lives complete.
We love you!


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