August 4, 2010

Hot Fun in the Summer Time.....

This past weekend Walt and I spent our first days away from Eloise. Well, correction... I spent my first days away from Eloise. Like I said in my previous post, Tucker came in for the week. While Tucker was here we went to Studio Movie Grill and we visited the Natural Museum of Science. We were able to see Lois....she had already started to wilt. However, it was cool to be able to experience that.
bye bye Lois

We also went into the butterfly exhibit

and we were able to see dinosaurs (a first for Tucker)

We spent every night watching movies and Eloise LOVED being in between her daddy and uncle

Then on Wednesday her Lalee came to visit. Lalee stayed Wed-Mon. and watched Eloise for us while we went away for the weekend. How lucky we are to have Lalee. Lalee read to her every single night....

Lalee made sure that Uncle Tucker had some one on one time feeding his niece

Lalee took Eloise for many, many walks...

and she bought her NUMEROUS outfits. She has spoiled little Eloise Betty rotten and Eloise loved every single second of it!!

On Friday Walt and I left for Galveston. One of our friends has a beach house down there and we got away for the weekend. Aunt Poco just had to come in Thursday night so she could get in a little bit of this.....
Lalee was so excited to spend the weekend with her baby girl. She was practically pushing us out of the door...haha!! I received tons of updates and pictures. Thank you so much Lalee for taking time out of your schedule to come and grandbabysit!! Eloise is so blessed to have you for a grandmother! We love you!

Me, Walt and Poco headed down to Galveston and stopped off at the strand. Poco and I had to get a picture reliving the good ole' days...

Once we got to the cabin, we took out Pat's boat and watched the sunset.
Walt was having a profound moment right here...

Then it was back to the cabin where we played catch phrase, taboo and had a little bit of a dance party. Here is Walt doing his "fist pumping."

Of course Pat had to rock the "Gilligan" hat

Dance Partay!

On Saturday we got up early and packed up all of our stuff and headed out. We spent the day on the ocean.

We had fun jet skiing

and had a lot of time to just catch up on life.
Walt and Matt

the boys

getting some sun

missed my McAlister so much!

these guys are just too much

two of my favorite people...ever.

.My girls.

the tannest people on the boat

Saturday night we got all fancied up and went and had dinner in Galveston.
I had the best time with my besties Poco and Sue!! This weekend was so relaxing and it was a much needed get away!

The Bass' and McKamy's
(planning our trip to Argentia 2011!!)

My sweet little Sue
Love you! xoxox

More in love with this man every day

Me and Pokes!
The bestest friend a girl could have!

Great birthday weekend!!

I was once told if you put your hand on your hip you look that's why I did it! ha!
Saturday night we were being silly...
The girls were reminiscing on their old cheerleader days, so the boys decided they would try to do their own stunts..

Birthday girls!

Now it's back to reality!
How blessed I am to have such wonderful friends and family!


Marci said...

Happy Birthday!! I so agree with the hand on the hip thing, I always do it too! ;)

Jennifer Fountain said...

Looks like you guys had fun in Galveston! We're taking the kids to Moody Garden Saturday and spending the night at the hotel...I can't wait!