February 27, 2011

Prayer is Powerful

I have to take a moment and ask for those of you who read my blog to please go to Kellie's blog and read about her sweet baby. Kellie follows my blog and I remember when she told me she was pregnant. She is a wonderful mother, and always has the sweetest spirit.


Kellie's sweet baby saw the Lord a couple of weeks ago. No one really knows why, she was sleeping at her babysitter's house, but we know that the Lord was ready for her to come home. She needs to be lifted up in prayer. Her sweet girl Maddie was only 4 months old. To have a precious miracle taken away from you is always questionable...but with prayer her and her husband will definitely feel more comforted. Several people are hosting an auction for their family on Monday. You can view things for the auction and even purchase things if you'd like. Prayer is the greatest gift of all.



Momma said...

God works in mysterious ways and we are not to question. I will keep Kellie and her family in my prayers.

Becca said...

this is just so sad. i prayed for this family this morning. when i clicked on her blog, it literally made me burst into tears. i can't even imagine. God has a reason, but it is so hard to understand what it is when you are grieving.