April 4, 2011


I have come to realize that my two daughters are pretty much going to do whatever they want. With Eloise I was 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced for 6 weeks....everyone thought she was coming long before I had to be INDUCED with her. Now it seems as though my second precious daughter, is taking a similar course and doing her own little thing as well.
I have my weekly doctor's appointments on Mondays....today was our last sonogram until Baby Bass gets here. Walt even took off work...what an exciting time. Well...thankfully I am now 3 cm dilated...I knew I had been experiencing some contractions; however, when we went to look at the sonogram...our little girl is BREECH. Oh, yes! So happy for that one...NOT! She must have flipped sometime within the past week, because last week my doctor could feel her head. (too much information, I know...but that is how low she was.) So...what is the next step? I have to go into the hospital on Friday and the doctor will manually try to move her to where her head is down. Not a big deal...they will give me a muscle relaxer; however, there is a chance that my water could break, and I could go into labor. A chance...a small chance, but a chance at that. Awesome. And...if they can't get her to move (why are my girls so stubborn?) then we will have to schedule for a c-section...and pray that she has moved into the correct position before that c-section date, so that I can deliver this baby naturally. I know there is nothing wrong with a c-section, but I really want to be able to do a little more around the house after Emmy is born because I will always have Eloise to tend too. Emmy moves A TON...WAY more than Eloise ever did, so I can't ever really tell where she is! Well what did I do to celebrate this wonderful news? I came home and ate 4 scoops of rocky road ice cream. That made my night.
Here is a little sneak peek into Emerson's room.
We still don't have the banner done, and just a couple of other things, so I really don't want to share it all, just yet. Her colors are lavender, toffee and cream. If you can't tell the bedding is that color...and her armoire is a very light lavender.
We are so thankful to have such talented friends. The armoire was originally brown; however, one of friends, Nate, offered to sand and paint it for us, because Lord knows that Walt is not experienced in that area (now give him a spread sheet with numbers, and you will have a happy man). Nate and Sarah dropped off the piece of Sunday and I just fell in love with it. I love, love, love it!
So funny to think that we now have two GIRL nurseries in our house.
and just a little glimpse into our life on the weekends. Eloise is just so much fun. She can occupy herself all day long. This might be boring to most people...but I love watching her play, and listening to her talk...listen carefully, she tells you "hi" and "bye-bye". We truly are blessed...we have an extremely happy little girl on our hands.

**excuse the horrible accent that the commentator has...I don't know, maybe she grew up in a very small north east Texas town and she doesn't really notice how country her accent is until she hears herself on camera? I'll let her know to work on it.


Brandi said...

Aw, so cute!! And the nursery is looking great! Good luck on Friday!!! I had 3 c sections and it is not fun recovering!! Best of luck!!!

AshleighWilson said...

She is so cute! And I love your nurseries, very pretty. The commentator voice isn't as bad as she thinks it might be :) either. Good luck with Baby E2 in the coming weeks Meredith I am looking forward to seeing pictures of both your girls together.

kinsey said...

well, IF, you have to have a csection (but i hope you don't since you don't want one)...i will say that i was up and moving sooner and better than some of my friends that delivered naturally. i showered on my own the very next day and never slowed down. i'm not even worried about having another one this time around, with a toddler, because last time was SO easy :-) so excited yall are so close. i can't believe i'm about to have two nurseries too...except this one will be a girl nursery?! i don't even know where to start! ha.

Rathi said...

Emmy's nursery is so pretty, i love that lavendar color! I agree with Kinsey, i had a c section with Krishani and after about two days I was walking around.. I think it depends on the person!

Anonymous said...

That video is too cute! I love when she says bye bye!

JoDee said...

Oh, Meredith!!
I am saying a prayer right now for an EASY, NATURAL delivery!! I hate to sound negative, but I've heard that having a version can be pretty painful... I sure hope that busy little girl moves again before Friday!!
On a positive note, my sister-in-law had a c-section a month ago and she was up and moving the next day and recovered very quickly!! You're so healthy, I'm sure any way you deliver you'll recover quickly!

Sue said...

OMG just love her "hiii" and "bye bye"!!! She's getting to be such a big girl now...even talking on her cell, ha!! I miss Ellie B. SO much and cannot wait for all the fun with Emmy C.! Love you!