May 4, 2011

Happy Due Date!!

May 4, 2011
Today is your due date Little Emerson!
We, especially momma, are so glad that you decided to make your debut early!
It's only been a little over 2 weeks, but we can't even begin to imagine our life without you!
You are a precious gift from God and we are so thankful that He chose us to be your parents and big sister.
You fit right into our world of chaos.
You even make it a little bit sweeter....and calmer.
We love you Emmy C!
Momma, Daddy and Ellie B feel very blessed!
xoxoxo--always and forever.

**horrible pic of me, was the end of a LOOOOOONG day!


kinsey said...

oh i hope this baby comes early too!! happy due date :-)

JoDee said...

Adorable! That's a great picture of you- you look so happy!!

Momma said...

Happy Due Date Emmy "C"! You are the perfect addition to this little family!! Gambi loves you!!!!!!