May 2, 2011

I think we're alone now....

We are all alone now. Our family has left...and now Walt and I are ready to take on the challenge of raising two daughters under the age of 15 months. Everything really has been great; except the lack of sleep. It's not that Emerson is NOT's just that momma is used to getting 8 STRAIGHT hours of sleep...maybe I can get that for Mother's Day, huh?? We had Walt's mom here Wednesday-Sunday. She was such a huge help and I appreciate all both of our momma's did for us.
Here is Lalee with her sweet 2nd grandbaby

We've been practicing a little bit of tummy time.
Emerson doesn't cry when we have it...but you can tell by her expression that it isn't exactly her favorite thing to do.

She'd rather be lounging on her back, just chilling..taking in her new world.

so tiny
beautiful eyes......

and in Eloise's world...she got a new chair this weekend from her Lalee.
What a little dare devil she is...
I'm talking standing up on the chair and jumping off...
girl has no fear

"what? are you telling me NO, momma?"
"I'm going to do it anyways...."



And this is what Emerson was doing while momma was yelling at Eloise to "Stop JUMPING!!"
She continued to do this while Eloise decided she would go outside and help daddy plant flowers
(Doesn't Emerson have the life??)

Eloise has been very protective of Emerson...
which has been great.

Lalee took Eloise for a walk every day...Eloise loved this time with Lalee

Still wanting to check out little sister...

Soo happy to be a big sister!!

oh and more pictures of E in the chair...
What a little HAM

Emerson and I go to the doctor today...I will make sure to post...surely this little bit has grown!!
John 1:16 "From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another."


The Langner's said...

Your girls are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!