June 23, 2011

don't ever let me take this time for granted.....

just a little glimpse into my daily life...
we get up, and eat breakfast

after breakfast, we hang out...spend time together

we play

sometimes we get ready to go out to lunch....

we cause a huge ruckus during lunchtime....

and we have plenty of people who like to come by and look at this sweet thang...

we are silly with each other, every.single.day.

haha...momma makes this one laugh

a lot

and then some more

silly, silly, bucket head

we explore
oh child of mine

we have play dates...with sweet friends

and fun conversation

and we hang out and wish we were old enough to play with our sister
we share

we go outside

we have fun

we learn

we might even fall in love....

we smile

we play all by ourself

we smile some more

we are reminded how fast our little babies grow up

we get dressed in our oldest shoes to go splash in the mud after the rain...

we kiss
we are surrounded by innocence

we make funny faces

we use our imagination

we get clever when it is time to fix dinner

we read every night before bedtime, and we love it

please don't let these babies grow up too fast.

i even find time during naptime to get crafty. i've seen yarn wreaths before, and loved them...and now that i am OBSESSED with pinterest...i finally figured out how to make one myself. this is the one i made today, for the 4th of july. i got another one to make for baylor games. so cheap...9.00 a wreath...love them.
think i just might make them for every single holiday.