June 21, 2011

Father's Day/16 months/2 months

we just got back from 5 days in dallas and i figured before i post about that trip, and all our fun...i should probably post about 3 important things that have recently happened.
Father's Day
who would've thought that 2 years ago on father's day we found out we were pregnant
last year, walt was a new daddy to sweet little eloise
this year he is a daddy to our newest love, emerson.
my how we have been blessed.
thankfully, eloise and emerson have the greatest daddy in the entire world.
i am so glad that these two little girls have such an incredible man to look up to.
i pray every night that these two girls will find love and happiness and that their husband is half the man that their daddy is.
i know that with walt as their example, these two lovies will marry someone wonderful.
for father's day, walt and i went and ate at BOB'S steak and chop house, while my momma watched the babies.
this was sunday morning, right after daddy woke up and his girlies gave him their cards.
Eloise turned 16 months.
i haven't documented her since her 1 year birthday, but i thought it would be fun to see how much of a difference 14 months makes. my babies are exactly 14 months apart...
at 16 months eloise is ALL over the place
she is our little ham...
and oh how we love her so.
what? you want me to pose for a picture?

i'll do a handstand

i'll make a run for it...

fine, only because you asked for it, momma.
now this little lovey just turned 2 months...
time. is. flying.
she still has the most beautiful lips.
thankfully she lets me kiss all over them.

she's a happy baby.
if she isn't sleeping, she is pretty much just hanging out.
what a wonderful personality you have.
so content
i am so in love with you

she, just like her sister, has no hair.
but, she lets me put bows all in her hair....
hopefully, you will always let me do that
i tell you what, as long as your momma is near you, you never make a peep.
oh goodness, you now have these little rolls on your legs...scrumptious.

you eat every 3 hours during the day--4 oz.
after your nighttime feeding, you can go between 6 and 7 hours
this makes for a happy momma.
you are great on your schedule....but the second that 3 hr mark rolls around...we all know you are in the room! :)
you smile anytime that i talk to you...and you have recently started cooing at your sister...although i do not want to wish your life away...i can't wait until you two start playing together.
you absolutely LOVE your bathtime.
you are a freezer...cold all the time, and always want to be wrapped up.
you are obsessed with your swaddle....oh i can already tell when it is time to give that up, it is going to be a tough, tough battle.
who would ever think in 14 months, you'll be on the go, just like that big sister of yours in the pictures above....

Oops...not quite the picture we wanted little girl...
Take 1

Girlie...don't close your eyes
Take 2

perfect...just like you!
Take 3

we love you, sweet emerson!
and i am so glad that i get to spend every single day with you!