January 25, 2012

9 months...really? yes, really.

i always talk about how thankful i am for my family and friends...
but last weekend, i was very thankful.
Baylor was playing Missouri in basketball and Walt and i loaded up the girls and made the trek, once again, up to waco. well, as luck would have it, on our way there...we found out that the game was sold out.
well...walt really wanted to go to the game..
so my sweet sister gave up her ticket, so walt could go.
and then once my sweet sue found out that poco and i were going to hang out with my babies all day just walking around campus, getting some common grounds, and going to george's...she decided to stay behind as well.
needless to say, i was so thankful that they stayed behind to help me out.
and here are sue and eloise at george's...
sue is a natural...eloise was sleepy, and sue just talked to her, and rocked her to sleep.

after the game, we went and stayed at our friend's ranch house..
and this is where you could always find eloise.
right in aunt "poto's" lap.
playing barney on her i-phone.
then the weekend was over...boo.
however, i did snap some pics of daddy pushing the girls around in their car and little wagon.
i totally know that the wagon was not meant for a child to ride around in it...
but...daddy had another idea...
and i thought it was pretty darn cute.

and yes...it is time for another monthly post.
a NINE month post.
holy moly.
not like i didn't know this already, BUT...emerson is getting harder and harder to snap
pictures of...
she is just a mover and a shaker.
now..if you follow my blog at all..you know that every single time i take the camera out..
emerson's mouth just opens up...
she is always just all smiles.
she is FINALLY crawling!
it took us quite a while, and we still are not that good at it.
emerson is so funny...instead of crawling, she does the matrix move to get around...
and i can't even begin to explain it.
you are SUCH a good sleeper!
you sleep from 9-11/1-3 and then you go down around 7:30 and sleep until 7:30
you are extremely curious...
into everything!!
you want to be with your sister all the time.
i love that i can now leave you two in a room together...and you two just play and play
i love the laughter!!
you are the happiest, most carefree baby..EVER!
you no longer eat any baby food.
you want nothing to do with it.
I LOVE this...
you absolutely LOVE grill cheese (my kind of girl) green beans, scalloped potatoes, corn dogs, bread, broccoli, carrots, yogurt, pancakes, chicken, spaghetti, bacon...the list could GO ON!
and like i said earlier...
you are now finally on the go!!
and the other day, i snapped some pictures of emerson, eloise and carson out in old town katy.

eloise and carson are 2 weeks apart and have been together since the beginning...
and i got one of my two little loves
my big girl..
she went in for that kiss...and i captured it!
we love carson...and i have never met a more serious little man in my life!
sweet baby
finally captured that smile.


The Paradis Family said...

Okay, so my girls are getting the night time sleeping down but how do you get them to take set naps during the day? Is it still too early? They take little cat naps all day so it's hard for me to get much done. HELP!
P:S: Love Emerson's little outfit!! :)