January 26, 2012

Shake your hiney!!

i text this video to some of my family members and closest friends, last week... but, i have since played it over and over again and had to post it for my fellow bloggers to see. i did NOT choreograph this routine with her (come on, she isn't even 2)...she just LOVES to dance, (as do all of the girls on the Wilson side....we enrolled early). As Aunt Poco would say...looks like she is part Wilson after all.
and it looks like i will be enrolling this girl in some sort of dance class come fall.
Shake your hiney, Eloise!!
(make sure to turn off my music on the side, or you won't get the full effect.)


Stephanie said...

love it. she is such a cutie! xoxo, s

Graham said...

I love it :) She is precious