January 11, 2012

nothing exciting.

last weekend was one of the first weekends in quite some time that we had "nothing" to do.
No Baylor football (tear)
No birthday parties
No work
No family in town...
it was just us.
it was....

So, we decided that we would go and take Eloise's 2 year pictures. There really was absolutely no point in hiring someone to do it because our child hates the camera. So...we went and did it ourselves. And...I must say...I was happy about how they turned out. It's not like I need a whole slew of pictures of Eloise from her 2 year photo shoot...but to get 3 or 4 really good ones...I was happy with that.

Speaking of her 2 year photo shoot...
I am trying to come to grips with the fact that in a month I will have a TWO year old.
Like, are you kidding me?
It's bad enough that my littlest love is pulling up on things, wanting to eat real food, and starting to crawl.
and if you really want to get technical...in THREE short months I will have a ONE and a TWO year old.
I think it's safe to say that I cry all the time in this household.
Happy that they are healthy and growing...but oh my goodness they grow WAY TOO FAST!

Like I now have a daughter who likes to pick out her own clothes...
and some days I let her.
but..I have to be cautious because I would never want her going out in public dressed like this...

and I have another daughter who can now truly enjoy bathtime with her sister because we have graduated from the bumbo to sitting up all by herself

over the break Walt's aunt and uncle were nice enough to let us use a t.v. that they were no longer using...we put it in the playroom, and now Eloise never comes out.
Seriously, she comes out to eat, and go to the bathroom...that's it.

Here are some of E's 2 year pics...

and just a cute little picture of Eloise and daddy having tea.
This was before we started getting ready for church on Sunday.

and how can it be that this one is already pulling up on things?
I came into her room the other day and this is what I found.
She is such a little camera hog..always smiling for that camera! :)
Ever since Eloise has been born I have constantly complained because she had no hair.. but..I guess patience really is a virtue...because my girl might not have hair...but she has CURLS!!
and just a little shot of my two baby girls...
happy little babies.
maybe i'll have more to blog about later...
but I guess right now, I'll just go outside and enjoy the 75 degree weather we are experiencing in January.


The Paradis Family said...

I thought my pregnancy went by super fast and people always told me it goes by even faster after they're here. Well, they weren't lying...I can't believe my babies are almost 10 weeks old!! It really does go by WAY too fast!! Great pics btw :)

Yelda said...

all the cute stuff you have monogrammed where do you order it from?
love all the pics, your girls are precious!