February 6, 2012

just a "mini vacay"

while sitting at home taking care of my snot nosed kids
who somehow caught hand-mouth-foot disease (disgusting)
(no worries, we are on the mend...and no longer contagious.)
i thought to myself..
i need a vacation.
not a get away from my kids vacation...
just a vacation where the change of scene is a little different.
so...knowing that i needed to cure my longingness for a vacation,
i went through some old photos...
(i mean, i AM going on a cruise for a week in june..can't complain)
while "picking" my vacation spot...i decided that i wanted to relive the one place that
i feel like i actually NEED to live there.
like, i NEED to live in london...
it is probably the most amazing city in the world..beside venice..but, you can speak the language in london, so that gave it a point over venice.

aww...how i would long to see this clock every.single.day.
and walk along this river to see this....
and attend this church....
and go shopping at this department store...
would harrod's qualify as a department store?
more like amazingness all wrapped up in 6 floors...complete with afternoon tea.
and i'd love to walk home to a little door that was exactly this color and that cute
oh and i'd definitely love to finish the night with a kiss right by that bridge
and maybe even take my girls for a walk in this park...
to check out flowers like this.

what a nice little escape from reality.
although...i guess my reality isn't that bad...
he's pretty darn cute, isn't he? :)


Your sister who doesn't live in London said...

I don't love this post.. I actually dislike it VERY much!

Kinsey Weegar said...

Trace is getting over hand, foot, and mouth right now! OH. MY. GOODNESS, it is horrible! Hope your girls feel better soon!