February 14, 2012

Our Cup Runneth Over...

What a month February has been! Wowzers! Our month has been jam packed...jam packed with fun activities!
and, not to mention, I have a little, no she is really big, girl who is turning TWO on Sunday.
O. M. Gee. I can't believe it.
and guess what? It is supposed to rain.
and her party is outside! fingers crossed...because it aint gonna rain on our parade!

So, back to February...we've had several playdates with this little man....
(there's just something about watching these two eat at a cute little table)

We ventured up to Dallas...
where Aunt Poco and I had a spa day...
and Eloise and Emerson spent some time with Gambi...
Eloise LOVED watching Tangled with Gambi and falling asleep...
we've celebrated a best friend's birthday..
good old 29.

oh Poco and I look quite rested after our spa, don't we?!
Eloise and Emerson got all dressed up to go to Eloise's best friend's 2nd birthday party.
Carson had a petting zoo at his party...
Eloise wasn't quite sure about the animals...
I'm right there with her.
making our way around to the goat...
going to be confident and go inside the gate..
she's in...still not sure
obviously, she wants her daddy
and now she is safe.
and this one is INTO EVERYTHING!
Holy moly!
Curious beyond belief! If I turn my head for a second, she has managed to get something out or pull something down that I didn't think she could get into...
but, what a sweet, sweet baby.
oh goodness, so sweet.
she even decided she wanted to ride the pony...she tried to talk sis into it, but it didn't work...
and she wouldn't look at the camera.
here are miss stella mae, and miss eloise betty having some girl time.
stella was a sweetie and wanted to share with her.
eloise wanting to help carson open his gifts
ooo, what is he getting...she just wants to help her bff.
oh goodness...2 happy loves.
such the big girl with her cupcake.
the two girls decided that they wanted some more dessert.
sounds like my kind of girls!
and then saturday night we went and hung out with some friends who all have boys!
It was so fun...we had dinner, adult conversation, the kids played...
and eloise was mesmerized by all the "boy" toys!!
She now needs a light saber!!

LOOK at all these toys!!

and sweet emerson was given so much attention...
all the little mommas wanted to hold that little girl.
and we can't forget valentine's day.
my two littlest loves.
here we are bright and early tuesday morning before heading to miss jasmin's.
i made sure i packed them lunches with everything, and i mean everything, heart shaped..valentine's day is so much more fun with kids!!
and i am totally in love with how IN LOVE little emerson is with her big sister, eloise.
i love watching these two interact.
their sisterly love is a love that I completely understand, and a bond that is so strong.
I can't wait to see how their relationship unfolds...best friends and sisters. The greatest love.

and my number one valentine.
the one person who has always and will always have my heart.
the greatest love i have ever known.
he makes it extremely easy for me to fall more in love with him

so busy...but so thankful.