October 15, 2012

Wedding party animals!!

Seems like we never attend weddings anymore. I guess maybe it is because most of our friends are married...but, this wedding experience was quite far one of the best that I have ever had...
maybe because I had two girls tearing up the dance floor.
We did go to a wedding last year, but both girls were still young, and Eloise hadn't quite figured out how to get her groove on...and now that she has, little sister, emerson, has followed in her footsteps.
It was a beautiful wedding celebrating the marriage of two wonderful friends...
and now we can't wait to see what God has in store for their life together. 
But, before the wedding pictures...just had to throw in two pictures of my sweet girls..
Here they are showing each other some love...so sweet to each other...99% of the time
 and then just a picture for the world to see what I live with.
This pretty much sums up my night, every night...
An Elton John wanna-be and a bunny, butterfly winged-ballerina.
I think I might be the only semi-sane one amongst my family...
but that's ok.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
 So, Saturday was such a fun wedding!
Walt was in the wedding...so this meant that since the wedding started at 5, and we live about 45min away from the church, I had to start getting ready at 1, to have everyone ready and there by 5.
I am not joking...
mainly because I was semi-paranoid that I was going to forget something, and Walt was in the wedding.
Here are my two little loveys ready for the wedding...
If you look at their dresses, their are two love birds on the right...
 and off we went...until I realized that we were almost out of gas, and there was not a gas station in sight. Seriously? How could this happen to me? I mean I started getting ready at 1:00, and we were going to be late for the wedding.
Thankfully, Eloise understands what it means to RUN, and we high tailed it into the wedding in the nick of time.
But then, I didn't even get to watch the wedding because Emerson is 18 months, and she would much rather be walking around... so, Walt sat with Eloise and I walked around the church with Emerson.
But, that's ok.
The reception was held at the Houstonian...
and my girls took over the dance floor.
They didn't even eat dinner...
all they wanted to do was DANCE.
Must take after their momma!
My girls with the two little flower girls...
They all had so much fun...
girl talk right there!!
 She made my almost have a heart attack about 5 times...
she keep walking over to the cake because she wanted to touch the flowers..
I had this mental picture in my mind of the cake being ruined because of the littlest guest.
 watching the bride and groom take their first dance
 loving her life!
 strike a pose
 this was around 9:00.
We thought they were going to go to sleep and we were about to leave...
 we were wrong!
They fooled us...
just a little cat nap.
Eloise dancing with her daddy...
he's waited two years to have his girl dance with him at a wedding
 Em decided she needed to sleep a little longer
 One of our friends dancing with Eloise
 and then they brought out the costumes...
and man, did Eloise love the costumes.
she LOVED them.
let the fun times begin!
we might have kids...but we still got it!!

 me with the beautiful bride
 Whoa...costume change
 Look who woke up!!
And she was ready to party!!
 kisses for her one true love!!
And how long did we end up staying?
My children were rock stars! They partied until 11:00!!
and woke up at 7:45 the next morning, but HEY...it was fun..and we had a blast!
and here are some videos...
they are pretty shaky because they were taken on my camera..
at least you can see that I have a dancing machine on my hands.
Both girls were so much fun, and I am hoping that we have another wedding to attend in a year or so, that way Emerson will be rocking the moves just like her sister!
Congratulations to the bride and groom...
we love you both so much.


Sue said...

Oh my goodness!! That video of Ellie dancing is hilarious! I had no idea she could break it down so well! She def takes after her momma! LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

My 2 year old and my 11 month old came running to the computer to see what was going on when I hit play to your videos.... then they threw a fit when I put them down, screaming......one more time.... one more time!!!! they wanted to keep watching the girls dance... ha ha.

thanks for the fun pics and videos