October 8, 2012

pumpkin painting

So, thank goodness it is fall.
And this weekend, we actually received falling temperatures!!
We went home for the weekend, and on Saturday, it was a chilly 48 degrees!!
But...now we are back in Houston...
and yep..pumpkin shirts, but we are still wearing our shorts.
 So, today the girls and I went to HEB to gather up some pumpkins for painting.
We are going to the pumpkin patch...but these pumpkins were just for painting...no forced pictures, just pure fun.
The girls couldn't wait to get home and begin...and believe me...I put them in clothes that could get ruined...because my girls LOVE art...and they like to get MESSY!!
This isn't a great picture of Emerson, but you can tell on Eloise's face, just how excited she is!
 Blurry...but..OH..the excitement is building...
 My big girl, carrying her own pumpkin.
 So...after setting up the paint..
they began..
and literally, the rest of the pictures are just of them painting...
 and painting...
but...obviously, it kept them busy!!
Heck, I might go back and get some more pumpkins...the weather is so nice, and they thoroughly enjoy it!
 such little artists..
 she was so proud of her art work!
 Sweet sisters, painting together!
 This is the first time Emerson has actually "participated" and not tried to EAT everything!
She's growing up!

 Such concentration
 Cheesing for the camera!
 What a great fall activity...
 and their pumpkins turned out precious!!
I love fall...we have a lot more in store for the fall season!! 


Momma said...

These are soooooo PRECIOUS! Such cute little artists! (Love the pumpkins too!)

Elena said...

Ohhh, little artists, great artwork!

Julie Rogers said...

Such cute pumpkins---I'm going to have to do this with my little ones! And I love the chevron:)


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic idea!!! I think I'll let my boys try this.